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DEWALT-built high power, high efficiency brushless motor of DEWALT 20V hammer drill delivers up to 75% more runtime vs. 18V NiCad brushed motors The cordless hammer drill features heavy-duty 1/2-inch ratcheting nitro-carburized metal chuck with carbide inserts for superior bit gripping strength 3-Mode LED provides lighting in dark or confined spaces up to 20X brighter than previous model LED Spotlight Mode features 20 minute shutoff function allowing for extended work time in dark or confined spaces
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10 reviews for DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill, Brushless, 3-Speed, Tool Only (DCD996B) – –

  1. Austin Guy

    I bought this for the hammer mode for drilling concrete. I used to drill several 1/4″ holes 2 inches deep in 50 year old (hard) concrete. Each hole took less than a minute (it would take hours without the hammer mode). I’ve got the small 2 AH batteries, drilled 5 holes with power to spare. Love the LED in the base which lights up the drill point without shadows. The LED also has a ‘work light’ mode where it will stay on for 20 minutes to light up your work space. Also has screwdriver with adjustable clutch, non-hammer drill modes, variable speed, 3 gears for controlling torque vs. drill speed. 1 year maintenance warranty (meaning that if you wear it out they will repair it) , and 3 year manufacturer warranty (for defects). Nice work DeWalt. Tip on drilling concrete: push down just hard enough to keep the bit from bouncing and increase speed until you see concrete dust flowing out of the hole. If dust is not flying then maybe you are not drilling fast enough. If you get it right the bit will not overheat.

  2. Kindle Customer

    This is my third DeWalt 1/2 cordless hammer drill. First was a 18 volt. It was great, but when I wore it out…..the first 20 volt was even better. It’s still kicking, but I know that this was the time to replace it.DeWalt has been very good to me. This drill is more efficient battery wise, but I haven’t run it enough to truly have an opinion. I’m fixing to mix up about 70 bags of thinset on a job, and I’ll know more then. I’ve drilled out studs on a topout for Plumbing, and mixed a lot of thinset with my first one. An important thing to note is the metal parts in the drive gear. It just makes a sturdier drill, imo. 4 amp batteries have worked just fine, and I expect the same this time as well.Milwaukee makes great equipment, no doubt. But DeWalt was making better deals, even though they focus more on Carpenters than Plumbers. I’m sure I would have been happy with their equipment. But, the fact is this….you buy into a system…. batteries and all. I just buy the bare tool, and that saves some money.It’s late February 2019… mixes thinset like a champ… use the handle. Better, more efficient brushless motor. 4 amp batteries are great. Btw, I’m still running my 4 amp batteries 5 years or so now.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Got this as an upgrade to my DCD780C2, and man “upgrade” is the right word for it.Hammer drill function works great, have been using this drill to plow through concrete and stucco for mounting cameras and other equipment. I even had to drill a 3/4″ hole through 8″ of solid concrete and the drill had no problems (didn’t know the wall was that thick or solid concrete and thus did not start with the right bit for the job, but hardly the drills fault).Brushless design gives me noticeably more speed and output over the 780The improved LED light design is great, 3 levels of brightness, and the last level is on until you manually switch it off. The light is also at a better angle for most jobs.The only con about this (besides wishing I could get something this good for even cheaper) is that with all of its extra functionality it is noticeably heavier than my DCD780.FYI if the title and picture was not a big enough of a hint, this does not include a battery or a charger.

  4. Robert D Jones

    This tool is just what I needed, able to handle most any drilling need I’m likely to have. The grip feel is excellent, well balanced, and the weight of it conveys a sense of high-quality build, but not so heavy as to wear you out. (I have a DeWalt 1/2″ Drive impact, and the weight of THAT puppy wears me down fast!) I could work with this tool all day. The operation and settings are intuitive. The power is there for most anything, and wide range of incremental power settings get you to exactly where you want to be for each specific job. The chuck is superb…though I quickly realized I still have to be careful not to accidentally compress the trigger while loading/unloading the bits. I immediately fell in love this tool.

  5. EzRhinoEzRhino

    **Update: Monster, Powerful and Right Now Torque. If you have ever gotten into serious drilling than you have to experience it with this drill. The instantaneous torque of the drill helps get work done faster. I have never had to back out of wood, concrete or steel. You must: I Mean must use good bits or this drill will snap them or turn them into a smooth reed. Also as you use it continually the drill does not heat up like other drills I have used in the past…. I’m looking at you Milwaukee.I have used this drill and would still give it my rating to pros and handymen alike. The others post high numbers but this drill beats them all. Add the new dcb606 and 609 battery series and you will have all the power you will need in your hand. USA Built.Bought this drill for weekly work as an installer. I also have a DCD791 for drilling and fastening. This drill is the most powerful non-corded drill I have ever used. It is similar to the Milwaukee M18 2nd gen but in my opinion the torque from this drill is more immediate and when you get into deep holes in masonry this powers through it faster. I am so impressed with this new hammer drill from Dewalt. As someone that relies on speed to get things done this drill has been amazing. I just finished hammer drilling approximately 75+ holes in concrete and cinderblock with a 5ah battery no problem. Still had 2 of 3 bars showing at the end of my day.A warning: This drill has enough torque that if you are not completely focused on the task you are doing it will wrench itself out of your hand. Also in hammer mode this thing is extremely loud in closed bathrooms and electrical rooms where echoing occurs. I would recommend ear muffs for anyone doing drilling for more than a few holes.Another thing to note is how little heat is generated when continually using the drill. I believe this will play well with the longevity of this power tool.Last thing, the ergonomics of the drill in your hand is spot on. It is well balanced and very comfortable to work with all day. Vibrations are minimal for a drill with this much power. I believe this tool is A+ for professionals.Pro’sAbsolute Power House, Torque in all 3 Speeds, Hammer Drill Mode is excellent, Great Metal Chuck, LED light is best in classCon’sForward and Reverse button needs refinement, 3 Speed Selector sometimes sticks

  6. Neil W

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     I’d give it 6 stars if I couldThis exceeds the minimum specs for the Kdrilland I’m sure othersThis was only 6 inches of ice so it went fastI retired my gas auger after 41 years of not a single problemAt 62 I needed a light, efficient new setupThis is it.There are so many option of different augers, different hand Drills that it’s hard to pick oneIt’s not cheap after buying the auger,drill, and batteries. I matched my home drill brand so I have the same brand batteries for both toolsI’ve probably drilled 125 holes in the last few weeks. FantasticCouple notes-it comes with a removal hold back handle. Use it!!!The drill will occasionally “catch” while drillingNo problem with 2 handles. Don’t try it with just using the trigger grip. It will sprain the hell out of your wrists Trust me

  7. crazytekkie

    I used to be a strong dewalt supporter but over the years almost all their product has turned to complete garbage… Thankfully so far, this is one tool of theirs that has held up and done a great job.It has tremendous power basically at all speeds..Battery life is reasonable using a 6ah battery.The tool seems to be well built and I do like the brushless motor.The keyless chuck holds and locks better than most in the industry and releases when I want it to.Little features like the led light actually are bright enough to be useful.The hammer drill selection actually provides a nice solid action with enough force to power thru hard concrete slab fairly easily.Over all this has been one of the best dewalt tools I have used or purchased in a long time.

  8. S. Payne

    Perfect design.The description and manual don’t adequately describe the function of the 3 speed control on the back. It’s a transmission. Highest torque and slowest speed in first gear.Even in 3rd it has plenty of torque.In 1st you can finesse screwing so it doesn’t slip or strip the head.High speed hammer drill put an 8th inch hole in quarter inch thick steel with no drama (wear ear protection).Clutch drive allows you to set torque so you don’t rip the head off screws.Battery (I use 5AH) lasts forever. Consider getting a smaller battery to save weight.In this size it completely surpasses any corded drill I’ve used.

  9. Mr. Saint

    My 18V Dewalt drill kicked the bucket after about five years, so it was time for a new one. I decided to go with what seems to be Dewalt’s top of the line 20V drill, I even decided to get the one which has the hammer option. There seems to be a ton of different options, although I think I picked the newest model. I always see the XR type drills at work (industrial construction), so I went for it.I am so very happy with this drill, it is probably the best drill I have ever used. It is a little bigger than my previous drill and the basic 20V drill I have, but that is expected being an XR drill with hammer option.It is definitely more heavy duty than other drills (including Dewalt) I have used. The chuck is better, it is all metal instead of some plastic/rubber on previous models I have used. Most likely because of the hammer function.The drill fits perfectly in my hand and is very well balanced, quite easy to use and maneuver around. I put the little belt clip on also, very handy for going up and down ladders. This is the first drill I’ve actually had this on, now I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to live without it.I have only used a 2AH battery and get plenty of use from it, although I have not used the hammer function. I actually have a Dewalt corded hammer drill, it will be interesting to compare the two if I ever can. My use has been small and large screws, drilling in wood and metal up to a 4″ hole saw through wood. Everything worked great and I varied the use between the three gears, so each has its own benefits.I read the other reviews about the drill failing and poor quality compared to previous units, hopefully the couple at the top of the review log are not common occurrences. Time will tell, but right now I am very happy with the drill.

  10. Zip

    I own several cordless drills and this is the most solid and heavy of the bunch. It just has a total different feel to the other drills – and much more power.I got it specifically for the hammer drill feature – to drill into concrete/brick. Works like a charm.Love the handle – My Makita doesn’t have one and I’ve hurt my wrist several times with the torque. So this will be much better.Used the Dewalt to drill 1/2 inch holes 4 in deep, for anchors in my garage floor – worked great.I am sure I’ll find other uses for it over time -Pros:- Power- 3 Speed- Handle (Detachable)- Lighting LED ( multi settings )Cons:- A bit heavy for overhead work or repetitive/heavy use.I would buy it again.

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