SanDisk 64GB Cruzer Fit USB 2.0 Flash Drive – SDCZ33-064G-G35 Electronics

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Extremely compact, portable USB Flash Drive Confidently store, protect and transfer your videos, music, photos, or other files Available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities [1GB = 1 billion bytes – Some capacity not available for data storage] SanDisk SecureAccess software(2) helps protect your private files

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10 reviews for SanDisk 64GB Cruzer Fit USB 2.0 Flash Drive – SDCZ33-064G-G35 Electronics

  1. iMickey503

    if any of you have a car head unit this fits so nicely in the slot you can literally use it not worry about actually damaging or anything else like that because it’s so small it doesn’t put any stress on the USB connector and it allows users to still have full movement of your knees if it’s right there by your knee or be able to use it in the car and not worry about damaging the faceplate or the actual USB input on the faceplate.yes they are small they are going to get lost make sure and have a few of them on a wall or something so you can grab one if you lose it but whatever

  2. MG

    The radio I bought here on Amazon did not come as advertised. It was supposed to have an SD slot as well as the USB slot. It only had the USB. The last thing I wanted to do was have a 3″ USB thumb drive dangling out of the radio just waiting to be snapped off while drinking a coffee or shifting gears.That’s when I discovered they made these great little nubs. I took a chance that they’d work on my radio and at this price I was glad I did. I haven’t even used the second one I purchased yet because at 32GB it’s more than I’ll ever need in the car and I just haven’t found another use for the other one yet.Beware though, because it’s greatest asset is also it’s biggest potential problem. These things are SMALL. Absolutely perfect for putting in a car radio. I’d imagine if you plugged one into a laptop it would be great there too for some extra outside storage if you didn’t need to remove it much. Don’t lose it. I wouldn’t recommend this style for something you’d take on the go with you all the time, but if you have a need for a dedicated, low-profile solution, this is what you’re looking for. And it’s SanDisk. ‘Nuff said.

  3. db

    I bought this USB flash drive to do one thing: hang out as unobtrusively as possible for Unraid.For those that do not use Unraid, it requires you install the OS on a USB flash drive to allow for mobility by swapping to any system you want. It’s great. Works great.And this drive is perfect for it. Unlike 99% of USB flash drives, this one is practically invisible. In fact, the best comparison is to imagine, if you have one, those Logitech Unified adapters that you use to hook up a wireless keyboard (like a K400) or a wireless mouse (G900/903). Or a cheapo bluetooth adapter. It’s like that except it’s 64GB of storage.Unraid doesn’t really require lots of storage, but what it does give it room for is time for old age. Since Unraid is bound to the USB flash drive’s mechanical ID, it’s great to give it lots of room to provision space as the drive ages. And it’s reasonably USB2-ish in speed.Didn’t go with USB3 because if you read about people using USB3 sticks for Unraid (or Raspberry Pi for that matter) you find that USB3 has more of a tendency to fail because the drives tend to get hot and the controllers for them tend to get overly saturated.So that’s what this represents. A fine enough drive in an incredible form factor. The only complain I have is how the overall body shape is so “round” that it’s a little harder to remove than it should be even given its size. I kinda wish it was more boxy/angular.

  4. resident_3vilresident_3vil

    Perfect for PlayStation Classic.

  5. Scar Stigr

    I’ve bought some of these before, and wanted a couple for some quick transfer stuff. Only paid $5 a piece or so, but during unboxing of some orders I was really confused when they came in a large box weighing twenty pounds or so. They looked surprisingly like two cases of Hi-C energy drinks. I tried to return but the amazon site wanted me to mail them back, at my expense as far as I could tell, probably cuz they were confused and thought they should be $.50 in stamps to send, so I just decided to forget about it and enjoy my two cases of Orange Hi-C. I imagine I came out ahead anyways. So if you like Hi-C Energy drinks, I’d recommend these USB mem-sticks.

  6. Runion

    SanDisk 64GB Cruzer Fit USB Flash Drive – SDCZ33-064G-G35This is a reliable and very small USB type Thumb drive. It HAS THE LED INDICATION that flashes when the memory is being written to or read from, which seems to be something that is going away from the thumb drive market and if you want that option, YOU REALLY HAVE TO LOOK FOR IT TO VERIFY YOU ARE GETTING IT. Don’t be confused with the new thumb drives that just have a decorative LED that lights when plugged in an active computer. – These thumb drives work well but are S L O W. They work well for music and do ok with movies but movies could use a faster reading drive if you are seeing short pauses now and then on the screen.May take more time to download large files of pictures or documents as well. – They are reliable, I have not had one fail and I have been working with a couple that have been written to, erased, formatted many times with no problem showing up. – as they are memory chips, they will have the same negative that the SSD memory drives have, that is if you write to them all the time in huge amounts, the life of the drive shortens with each write. Memory type drives have this flaw which is a by product of the memory material used. This is why I strongly suggest you keep a back up copy of anything written on a memory drive of ANY TYPE.If you do not require the lightening fast speeds and want a portable thumb drive, I recommend this thumb drive here. – As these thumb drives have a very SMALL foot print, you can lose them almost as easily as a micro memory card. I suggest getting one of those cheap USB hubs and store your small thumb drives in the USB HUB. It also helps to lable the drive if you can in some way so you know what is on it. This will become a concern if your collection of thumb drives grows to any sizable quantity.I recommend this drive for small file transfers and limited work, this is only because of the drives write and read speeds. As said before, this drive has been reliable to me and I have worked them over a bit lately.I do not know the seller and did not get any discount or merchandise for my random review.200628 1220

  7. RLew

    I got this simply to use with the Playstation Classic. The 64 GB size works only if you use exFAT. The best way to get your PSC to support exFAT is to install BleemSync. AutoBleem by itself is not enough (unless you go for the 32GB size with FAT32). Once you get BleemSync installed, then you may use the 64GB size with AutoBleem.

  8. Cholly

    Easy enough to put in, even with peripheral neuropathy. A little hard to get out, though. Easy fix, put a lanyard on it by putting some rug thread(it’s pretty tough) through the eyelet and tying it in a loop big enough to snag with a finger.Edit added 10/24/19: Using a USB to Micro USB adapter it works well with my 8th Generation Fire HD while my USB 3.1 Ultra Fit does not. This drive is recognized as exactly what it is, my Ultra Fit is seen as incompatible or corrupted. All the files were still there when I put it back in my big computer. No problem watching MP4s on my Fire from the 2.0 Fit, no lag whatsoever.I don’t know if it’s the drives fault or if Fire 8 HD’s just don’t like USB 3.1, but I’ll be getting more of these since both my wife and I have Fire 8 HD’s.EDIT added 2/16/20: I have 6 of these now. Once I get the lanyards on them, I love them. If your hands work normally, you probably won’t even need the lanyards. I color code my lanyards, it helps me keep track of what’s on the drives in addition to making it easier to get a hold on them and get them out.

  9. Edwin J.Edwin J.

    I needed a good USB drive for music storage that I could leave plugged into my car stereo, so I searched for the smallest form factor I could find. San Disk has always built solid USB drives, but I was more than impressed with this one for such a small size. In my car, it is barely noticeable, and the same on my laptop. It’s such a low profile that there’s no need to remove it from the laptop when putting the computer in my bag or briefcase at the end of the day.The only negative I can offer on this drive is that it is SO small, you may lose it easily. There is no case or lanyard included with the drive, so this drive would probably be best for a semi-permanent installation either in your car, your laptop, or other device where you don’t need to keep plugging and unplugging it.Very impressed with this tiny tiny drive, and will continue to support San Disk with products like this.


    I have a Mazda 3 and now I don’t have to worry about something hitting a tall usb and breaking the internals of the radio.My usb was in the center consul so I worried about that.Just don’t format it, I did and then it didn’t work. I had to reformat it in a FAT32 so my car radio would recognize it again.

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