Transcend 128GB Nvme PCIe Gen3 X4 MTE110S M.2 SSD Solid State Drive TS128GMTE110S Electronics

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Adopts PCIe Gen3 x4 interface and NVMe 1.3 standard Sequential Read/Write -up to 1,500/400 MB/s Engineered with a RAID engine and LDPC (Low-Density Parity check) coding to ensure data integrity; built-in SLC caching technology for exceptional transfer speeds Engineered dynamic thermal throttling mechanism

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10 reviews for Transcend 128GB Nvme PCIe Gen3 X4 MTE110S M.2 SSD Solid State Drive TS128GMTE110S Electronics

  1. Hobbyist

    Works as advertised, improved server performance significantly for media applications.

  2. Ferniez

    I bought this to connect to Raspberry Pi 4 after updating the Pi to boot from a USB 3. I housed the Transcend 128GB Nvme in an SSK Aluminum USB C to M.2 NVMe SSD Tool-Free Enclosure and loaded the standard Raspberry Pi OS using the Raspberry Pi Imager, and it booted like magic. I have been experimenting with various boot options on the Pi 4, and not all enclosures and drives work, but this combination does.Using this drive/enclosure the Raspberry Pi OS runs without any issues and is much faster than using a micro SD card. I got the 128GB version, so it gives me more room to install additional software. One important caveat is that you update all of your firmware on the Pi to boot from USB 3 first. There are plenty of Youtube videos on the subject, and if you are not afraid of using the command line in Linux, it is really quite easy to do. Most of the tutorials on Youtube will step you through it to help you get everything working well.It’s amazing how much you can do with a Pi 4 once you get an NVMe connected. I highly recommend this drive with the SSK enclosure, as they both worked flawlessly.

  3. SavvyStrummer

    I built a Intel NUC and used this to hold the OS. Works fine. I am not really stressing it as I am running a media server using Linux. So it works and have had no issues – but there really shouldn’t be given the modest task I am using it for.

  4. TonyTony

    Considering what I paid for it, it’s a good upgrade from my other budget SATA SSD though at the speeds of solid state drives now, performance difference becomes harder to tell in day-to-day usage.Update: Almost one year to the day, it’s still operating as my main OS drive. Write speeds for me aren’t as great as I’d like but for purpose and price, this was cheaper than my last SATA SSD with improved read 3x read speeds and 100mb/s faster write speeds so well worth the price. This combined with a Ryzen CPU upgrade made my system so snappy for very little price.Update 2: Almost two years running as my main OS drive. I recently installed Windows 11, so far so good. This drive was meant as a stop-gap solution until I had more money to buy a more expensive NVME but it’s still fast enough for me, no complaints. I use a faster Samsung NVME as my games drive anyway.Update 3, March 16 2022: New motherboard, the drive is still hanging in there with 15,600 hours and counting. In this setup I’m using x4 speeds but doesn’t seem to make any difference for me, still roughly the same performance. See pic #2.

  5. NasaGuyNasaGuy

    I made this little SSD my primary boot drive for Windows, and now my computer boots in 5-8 seconds! A remarkable improvement from the minutes spent booting from my previous top tier hard drive disk. And that’s with a heavy load of startup applications, without fast-boot enabled. Even when compared to other SSDs (non-NVMe) instead of obviously slow HDDs, the difference in speed is huge. Then there is the very helpful software available for this SSD that lets you track its health. Just icing on the cake!Now, although it does not have the best of the best speeds or storage capacity in the NVMe SSD category, it is still top tier (for the classes of SSDs) and a great value SSD.

  6. Ed

    This little NVMe has a great value. Is fast enough for the application and cost is superb. I’ve used Transcend flash products before and I know that this one won’t let me down. Definitely great for a small budget!

  7. Quinn

    I purchased this drive to use with a Raspberry Pi 4 (4 GB RAM) and paired it with an SSK USB 3 NVMe case+interface. Now, obviously the USB 3 interface slows things down compared to being able to install this directly into a computer with an NVMe interface, but the RPi doesn’t have that option.I installed a fresh version of Raspberry Pi OS to the drive and was able to tweak the Pi to boot off of it instead of the default microSD card. And hey, it works really well! Writes and reads are much faster, and programs load much more quickly off the SSD than the microSD card. Furthermore, it’s safe to say that read/writes wear will be much better on this SSD than a card, as well.

  8. Rob Heidrick

    Yeah it’s small capacity. No, it’s not gen 4. But seriously, $30!!!! Got my new build going temporarily while I wait for processors and GPUs to come into realistic pricing. Tried to skimp by using an old SATA drive. Wasn’t going to cut it so I bought this to tide me over. Plenty fast and my current temporary Ryzen 3400G doesn’t support Gen 4 anyway.

  9. Calpal

    Very good product for my needs. Installed windows 10 from a USB drive in less than five minutes and my boot time from turning computer on to login screen is under 7 seconds. Exactly what I was looking for.

  10. kryptorkryptor

    My first time building with an M.2 of any kind. I didn’t push it into the socket far enough for it to start wanting to ‘spring up’. So it wasn’t recognized at first. I kept my head and unplugged and re-plugged everything that I was able to easily get too. When I got to the NVMe and I pushed it in a bit further … I could tell I had found the problem. No issues of any kind so far. Has been trouble free.

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